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“You were on fire—full of fire and the exploding energy of the story.  I loved the pidgin you spoke, which transported me (and your audience) across the Pacific to Kilauwea and Mauna Loa.  Like a kahuna, you have mastered the art of storytelling.”  --Perii Owens, Ashland Library, Ashland, OR

Alton is a proud member and former Chairperson for the National Storytelling Network

"Watching Alton Chung in his new production "Heroes" brings to mind  great 
monologists such as Spalding Grey. Mr. Chung's storytelling is at its best 
as he recreates how it was to be a Japanese American during WWII. Mr. 
Chung effortlessly changes characters with such skill and seamless 
transitions that the viewer never notices the absences of curtains or other 
such props of the stage. He is truly an engaging one man show!"

David Bunk, ESL Instructor, Portland State University


Alton on Stories and Healing:

Stories allow us to safely explore those dark corners of ourselves where we are too afraid to look.  By identifying ourselves with characters in a story and being there with them through their trials, make it possible for us to safely re-experience our own hurts and wounds and see them as they truly are.  Stories provide us with the opportunity to re-evaluate assumptions we made about life.  In this way, stories can help us begin to heal and become all of who we truly are.

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