The Spiderweaver & Other Tales from Asia

Travel to far off Asia, with ports of call in Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore.  Experience these cultures through their heroes and heroines, through their villains and monsters, through their healing stories and teaching tales.  Hear the strange tale of the mysterious weaving maid, of the man who could turn Winter into Spring, of a tight-fisted farmer and a strange raggedy old man, of a mischievous badger and a thoughtful rabbit, of two brothers searching for the pearl that shines in the night, and of an old man’s care and devotion to a group of statues.  Also included, as a special bonus, is a story of an old man’s encounter with a strange woman deep in the forest late one night, recorded live with piano accompaniment by Les Adam, in the town of Makawao on the island of Maui.  These ethnically diverse tales are told with great respect and deep gratitude for all those who kept these stories alive from generation to generation.

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